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Median Salary by Job - Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (United States)
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As a business administration major, you will develop communication and leadership skills that will make you a competitive candidate for high-level management jobs across a variety of fields.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Understand and apply concepts, principles, and processes related to organizations in domestic and international settings 
  • Apply relevant ethical and legal guidelines and practices in public, private, and nonprofit organizations 
  • Understand and use appropriate statistics, research methodology, and program evaluation to conduct research related to public, private, and nonprofit organizations 
  • Apply concepts, principles, and processes related to budget, finance, resource development, and strategic planning to nonprofit organizations 
  • Apply strategies related to marketing, public relations, and communication 
  • Understand and apply theories, concepts, and practices related to leading and managing in public, private, and nonprofit organizations

Popular Career Paths

Sales: Involves recommending products based on customers' needs, answering questions about the products they sell, demonstrating products and processing sales

Human Resources: Involves overseeing the recruitment, training, and compensation of a company's employees

Entrepreneurship: Entails starting a new business or transforming existing ones

Retail: Involves selling any type of retail merchandise from cars to clothing to electronics

General Management: Entails complete responsibility, including profit and loss accountability, for the performance of an entire business or a business unit

Rotational Leadership: Provides individuals with an opportunity to rotate among different functional areas of an organization while gaining direct exposure to key leaders

Jobs to Consider

Administrative Services Managers

Benefits Administrator

Branch Manager

Budget Analyst

Contract Administrator

Credit Manager/Loan Officer

Customer Service Manager

Distribution Manager

Facilities Planner

Financial Analyst

Food/Beverage Manager

Public Administrator

Fundraiser/Development Officer

Hotel/Motel Manager

Human Resource Administrator

Industrial Production Managers

Industry Relations Specialist

Insurance Agent/Broker

Inventory Control Specialist

Job Analyst

Management Analyst

Meeting and Convention Planner

Medical and Health Services Manager

Merchandise Manager

Property, Real Estate Manager

Purchasing Manager, Buyer, and Agent

Small Business Owner/Manager

Training Specialist

Operations Manager

Personnel Manager

Personnel Recruiter

Quality Control Auditor

Reports Analyst

Retail Sales/Store Manager

Budget Officer

Compensation Manager

Places to Seek Employment


Manufacturing Companies

Construction Firms

Transportation Departments

Financial Institutions

Colleges and Universities

Utility Companies

Health Care Facilities

Wholesale and Retail Trade Companies

Hotels & Restaurants

Entertainment Companies

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Government Agencies



View specific employers by state.

Employment Strategies

  1. Get experience through an internship or other relevant part-time or summer work.
  2. Conduct informational discussions with individuals from industry. The Alumni Directories in the BCS provide a great place to start.
  3. Participate in a job shadowing experience through Jayhawks on the Job or a company visit through a Friday Field Trip. Both are programs coordinated through the BCS.
  4. Attend the Business Career Fair each September to talk with hiring organizations and industry representatives.
  5. Join a relevant student organization that will facilitate career exploration.
  6. A willingness to start in sales is helpful, as many entry-level positions are in the sales areas.
  7. Seek leadership opportunities on campus.
  8. Engage in personal networking to enhance employment prospects.
  9. Apply to participate in Leadership Challenge, an event co-sponsored by the Schools of Business and Engineering.
  10. Explore KU’s LeaderShape program offered through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.
  11. Be prepared to start in entry-level management training programs.
  12. Key skills include ability to work in teams, interpersonal communication skills, public speaking skills, and problem-solving.
  13. An MBA may be required to reach the highest levels of management. Most programs require relevant experience before entering the MBA Program.

Job and Internship Search Resources

The quick link for this page is career.ku.edu/businessadmin.

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