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Career Exploration

Options to Consider

Utilize the exploration web hub to explore majors and careers by browsing careers, majors, and interest areas. All of the resources interconnect so you can consider majors based on career interests, explore careers based on majors, and view careers and majors associated with interest areas.

Information for Deciding Students

Whether you are trying to choose a major or change your major, the University Career Center (UCC) and the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) are here to help you throughout the entire process! Here, you will find UCC and UAC resources to help you explore and choose a major.

Choosing a Major

KU offers over 190 undergraduate majors, giving you plenty of options to choose from. You might begin your decision-making process by assessing your academic strengths and career interests. The Careers & KU Majors resource can help you further explore career options within various majors available at KU.

Testimonials from Deciding Students

  • What are your best subjects?
  • What topics are you most excited about?
  • What career paths are you considering?

You might also consider taking one or more career assessments from the UCC or enrolling in EPSY 210 Career & Life Planning to focus your search. In addition to gathering information about yourself, you'll want to invest time and effort in researching each major you're considering.

  • Are there admission requirements?
  • What classes will you take?
  • How do these majors relate to your career goals?

To learn more about your options, review the resources on this page and set up meetings with an academic advisor and a career coach.

Myth #1: Being undecided about my major is bad. There is nothing wrong with being undecided about your major; most students are undecided or question their major at some point in their academic career. Just be diligent about exploring your options and working towards a decision by the end of your sophomore year (KU requires students to declare a major after completing 60 credits).

Myth #2: If I choose a major now, I won't be able to change my mind later. It's actually rather common for students to change their majors during college: the average student will change their major three to four times. Before changing your major, remember to connect with your advisor to determine how your decision might impact your four-year plan.

Myth #3: There's one "right" major for me. With over 190 undergraduate majors to choose from at KU, you'll likely find at least a handful of majors that will fit your strengths and interests. Work with your academic advisor and career coach to identify programs that will meet your academic and professional goals.

Myth #4: Choosing a major is directly related to choosing a career. While some college majors train students for specific careers (e.g. nursing, accounting, or teaching), most careers do not require a specific college major. In fact, a majority of college graduates have successful careers in fields not directly related to their academic majors!

Myth #5: My [career coach, academic advisor, parents, career assessment] can tell me what to do. You and you alone are the best person to decide your academic and career path. While getting feedback from your parents, KU professionals, and career assessments can help you choose a major, ultimately the power is in your hands. You are the expert on you - no one knows you better!

  • HawkQuest - Take this brief quiz to learn more about career and major options at KU.
  • GEN Z Connect - Register for free using your KU email address and connect with professionals across the globe conduct informational interviews.
  • Vault - Use the "Career Paths" section to learn more about industries in which you may be interested.
  • Buzzfile - Choose a major/industry and view employers by state or even city associated with the chosen field.
  • My World Abroad - Explore international career opportunities. Register for free with your ku.edu email and view international focused job boards and career guides, 300+ expert articles, 4,000+ career building resources, 70+ student stories from abroad, and much more!
  • Learn How to Become - Browse information on how to pursue a myriad of careers, as well as how to conduct an effective job search in a variety of fields and industries.
  • CareerOneStop - Search for occupational profiles and job market trends, like fastest growing or highest paying occupations and industries.
  • CareerBliss - Access jobs, reviews, and salaries, along with hundreds of great career advice articles.
  • JustJobs - Access informational career interviews that may help you decide what careers could be a good fit for you.
  • My Next Move - Explore career options by keyword, industry, interests, and education level.
  • My Skills My Future - Search for occupations that share similar skill sets.
  • Princeton Review's Careers & Majors Tools - Learn about academic majors and career paths; creation of a free account is required to view full profiles.
  • The Simple Dollar Employment Guide - Learn about key job search methods and access helpful career development tools.
  • Wetfeet - Explore industry and career profiles.

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