Classical Antiquity

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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a BA, BGS, and Minor, as well as a MA in Classical Antiquity. The  major provides a broad, interdisciplinary training in ancient Greek and Roman cultures and languages and prepares you for graduate study in ancient archeology, art, or history.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Read and comprehend works of poetry and prose in their original language(s) from all periods of classical antiquity 
  • Know how to place these texts in their literary, social, and historical context 
  • Demonstrate broad understanding of the history and culture of the ancient world 
  • Describe and discuss the grammatical, rhetorical and stylistic features of Latin and Greek texts as well as the way these features shape the ideas in these texts 
  • Use linguistic analysis in the historical, philosophical and theological interpretation of Greek and Latin texts 

Popular Career Paths

Archeology: Involves the analysis of past civilizations by uncovering and studying artifacts and architecture to gain knowledge about the way people lived in the past.

Government: Involves understanding and participating in the development of public policy to guide the well-being of citizens and societies, whether at a city, state, or federal level.

Law: Involves providing legal services for clients that may include things such as advising them of their rights, analyzing or writing legal documents, or defending them from lawsuits.

Literary Editing: Involves proofreading and providing feedback and reviews on written material such as books, newspaper or magazine articles.

Museum Work: Involves the planning and overseeing the arrangements, cataloging, and exhibition of collections of arts and historic objects.

Teaching: Involves facilitating students learning by developing lesson plans, providing instruction, and creating a learning environment.

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Tour Guide


Places to Seek Employment

Colleges and Universities

City, County, and State Government Agencies

Cultural Organizations

Federal Government Agencies

Historical Societies

K-12 Public and Private Schools

Law Firms




Private Archeological Consulting Firms

Publishing Companies

Travel Agencies

United Nations


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Employment Strategies

  1. Choose your area of focus (i.e., culture or languages) and then become familiar with the required professional qualifications (i.e., advanced degrees, licensure and/or certifications).
  2. Gain direct experience within the areas that interest you most through research projects, independent study, internships, part-time jobs, student organization involvement, or volunteering.
  3. Register for and subscribe to the Internship Newsletter to receive automated weekly emails with specific internship information.
  4. Consider joining a professional organization related to your area of interest, and, if possible, attend local and/or regional conferences to make connections with professionals working in your field.
  5. Practice interviewing on your own or by conducting a mock interview at the University Career Center. List of practice questions: general interview (pdf), law school (pdf)
  6. Consider traveling or doing a study abroad experience in Italy or Greece.
  7. Maintain a strong GPA if you are considering pursuing graduate or professional school.
  8. Consider getting involved with a student organization at KU related to your area of interest, such as: The Classics Club.

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