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Graduate Intern Testimonials


Michael D.

Michael D.

Fall 2012-Spring 2013


Working at the University Career Center proved to be one of the best things to happen to my graduate education. It, unknowingly, turned out to be the web that tied my entire graduate experience together, bundling me up into a nice package more than ready for the world of work. The UCC provided countless opportunities to work individually and in groups with colleagues and students from all backgrounds, both within the department and across campus. From this experience, I gained a great deal of leadership skills and professional communication skills. I learned how to meet people where they were, without any prejudgments.

By conducting mock interviews, I developed the invaluable skill of “active listening,” which contributed to my ability to build rapport with people, regardless of age, ability, gender, religion, culture, race, and ethnicity. Additionally, I learned how to ask strong, meaningful, open-ended questions – a skill that can drastically improve any conversation and any relationship. Lastly, I learned how to write a killer resume and cover letter and go through an interview with flying colors. The UCC truly was an experience that not only contributed to my education, but enhanced each area of my professional and personal life.

Millinda F.

Millinda F.

Fall 2011-Spring 2012

The University Career Center provided me a tremendous opportunity to apply to practice the material I learned in the graduate program. It was incredible to see how the theoretical work of Chickering, Pascarella, and Kohlberg (just to name a few) came to life in career counseling sessions. Additionally, the UCC staff works extremely hard to individualize the experience for each graduate student and provide graduate students with training geared toward their interests.

For example, I was given the opportunity to collaborate on a new initiative with the Office of Admissions because of my interest in the college choice process and student engagement.  Although my career path has led me in a different direction, the interpersonal and communication skills I gained working at the UCC benefit me daily.


Danny F.

Danny F.

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

As a KU Counseling Psychology Master’s student, working a practicum experience at the UCC turned out to be an ideal situation and served as an essential component of my professional development.  Anyone who has a passion for working with a college population can appreciate the role that career development plays in a student’s life.  Not only did it allow me to gain experience in helping college students, but it also provided me an opportunity to enhance my own professional skillset through career coaching.  Furthermore, the UCC is a flexible environment that is extremely accommodating of the numerous commitments that graduate students tend to face.   

This experience is attractive to any professional or academic organization.  The UCC’s excellent supervision played a pivotal role in helping me advance as a doctoral candidate in my graduate program.  It will provide you the opportunity to do meaningful work as you advance toward your academic and professional goals.

Ashley K.

Ashley K.

Fall 2012-Spring 2014

When I first explored Student Affairs as an undergraduate student, working in Career Services as a professional never crossed my mind. However, my position as a Graduate Assistant Career Coach at the University Career Center has led me to absolutely love guiding students in the career development process. Working at the UCC has given me countless opportunities to expand my skillsets and even connect my assistantship responsibilities and projects to my academic coursework and ASPA/NASPA professional competencies. 

Through my position, I have been able to teach undergraduate students; collaborate with faculty, staff, and employers; develop advising and counseling skills; and build awareness on the various facets of career development and the “world of work.” Even further, the UCC is genuinely a fantastic place to work. This office employs some of the most encouraging, caring, and hilarious people I have ever met, who truly have a great desire to help students. As I look forward to my own professional career, I cannot thank my wonderful supervisors enough for challenging me when I most needed it, and for actively seeking out ways in which I could grow. I have felt completely supported through my time here!

Toy J.

Fall 2011-Summer 2013
One piece of consistent feedback that I receive is how well I have done with workshop/seminar outreach presentations. My cohort has commented on how well I do on my toes in front of an audience. My supervisor asked me about my experience in this area, and the first thing I said was "well, as a graduate intern at the UCC at KU..."  I went on to talk about the public speaking training and type of work I did at the UCC and how this experience shaped me into the emerging professional I am today.  It was a very proud moment for me and made me feel like I was representing my UCC family well.  I can't thank the UCC enough for the training, guidance, support and encouragement the UCC gave me.

Melissa M.

Melissa M.

Fall 2011-Spring 2012
I never thought I would be a career counselor, but now I can’t imagine a more fulfilling or fun career. While working as an intern at the UCC, I fell in love with the profession because of the fun and energetic staff who train you and challenge you while supporting you and encouraging you. The environment at the UCC is unlike anywhere I have ever worked and a true treasure. I was able to step out of the internship at the UCC into the profession as a Career Counselor and every day I get to love what I do—best surprise ever.

Danny P. 

Danny P.

Fall 2010-Spring 2012


My experience at the University Career Center at The University of Kansas is what catapulted my career into the student affairs profession. After looking back on my experience I was so lucky to have received the assistantship with the UCC. I had several interviews that day a couple of years back for assistantships and my UCC interview was last. I walked out of that interview and knew that is where I wanted to be. I just had a feeling that the assistantship was right for me because of the people I now call colleagues and friends.

That decision was only strengthened during my two years in the UCC through all the training, student interactions, and projects that helped me grow professionally. I started to become a professional before my eyes because of this experience and can’t thank the staff enough for constant guidance and encouragement throughout my time there. I especially want to thank Wendy Shoemaker and David Gaston for their support!


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