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KU Career Connections

Activate your KU Career Connections account to connect with employers:

  • Please read the University Career Center's Professional Conduct Policy (pdf) before completing the activation survey.
  • Students: activate your account by logging in to KU Career Connections. If you have not registered before, you will be prompted to complete a survey when you log in. In order to register, you must answer "yes" to the authentication question. Your access will be available and free through six months after you graduate.
  • Alumni (beyond six months of graduation): complete the online form and pay the $40 fee. You may drop off the form at UCC (320 Anschutz), or mail the form to 1301 Jayhawk Boulevard, Lawrence, KS 66045.
  • If you have any trouble registering, please contact Natalia Plotnikov at nplotnikov@ku.edu or 785-864-2019.


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KU Career Connections is an online service through which University of Kansas students and alumni can:

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Account activation is required to post your resume for viewing by employers; once you complete the activation survey you will receive instructions, a user ID and password for access to KU Career Connections, typically within 24-48 business hours.

When access to KU Career Connections is established, candidates must complete demographic and academic information within the program, and upload and publish a resume before your information will be available for viewing by employers. The demographic and academic information you enter will be searchable by employers looking for qualified employment candidates.

As stated in the note of caution below, there are possible security issues inherent in putting your resume on the Internet. Possibilities for controlling personal information on your resume exist and are explained in the resume writing handout from UCC.

A note of caution:

There are possible security issues inherent in putting your resume, which contains such information as address and phone number, on the Internet. UCC has taken certain precautionary measures to limit access to student resumes; however, we assume no liability for problems arising from your decision to use this system.

University Career Center at KU makes no warrant or guarantee of the confidentiality of any material posted through its resume posting service. By submitting their resumes, users understand and agree that their resumes and any or all material contained therein may be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet. UCC does not warrant or guarantee that a resume shall be viewed by any specific number of users, or that it will be viewed by any specific user.

Furthermore, UCC does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any material posted by users through the Resume Referral Service. User acknowledges and agrees that user is solely responsible for the form and content of any resume or material contained therein placed by the user on the Resume Referral Service.

Students who are registered with UCC and who meet the qualification requirements may participate in on-campus interviews conducted at UCC, the Business Career Services Center, the Engineering Career Center and the Journalism Career Center.

On-Campus Interviews: Pre-select and Open

Pre-Select Schedules

\\groups1.home.ku.edu\VPUS_General\Groups\UCC\Marketing and Identity\Print Materials

The majority of interview schedules will be Pre-Select schedules. Pre-Select schedules are noted in the system with a blue P. Pre-Select schedules require students to submit applications (usually a resume) to the employer by a stated time deadline. This is usually approximately two weeks prior to the interview date. Employers review applications and select candidates to interview. The employer usually selects candidates approximately one week prior to the interview date.

You will receive an email from KU Career Services notifying you of your invitation to interview. Typically you will have until midnight two days before the interview to select your interview time slot. Example: for a Wednesday interview you will have until midnight Monday to sign up for the interview. We recommend that you log into the system daily to track your interview status during recruiting season. Your status will read Pending until the employer selects candidates for interview. If you feel the interview date is quickly approaching and you are not certain whether you have an interview, please contact our office and we will let you know whether decisions have been made.

If you are invited to interview you are expected to sign up or decline the interview. Failure to respond to an interview invitation will result in your suspension from KU Career Connections as outlined in the Professional Conduct Policy.

Open Schedules

Open schedules are noted in the system with a green O. Open schedules allow students to sign up for interview times without being specifically invited by an employer. You must meet the minimum requirements before signing up for an Open interview schedule. Note the deadline dates for sign up and cancelation. Usually you will have until midnight two days prior to the interview to sign up or cancel your interview. Interview time slots are on a “first come” basis.

If you sign up to interview you are expected to interview with the employer unless you have canceled within the stated deadlines. Failure to show up for your interview will result in suspension from KU Career Connections as outlined in the Professional Conduct Policy.

Sign Up for an On-Campus Interview Time

Once you are invited to interview, you need to select an interview time slot. Click on the Interviews tab on the navigation toolbar and find the appropriate job title. Click on Schedule Interview to select your interview time. Check the Notes section for instructions. Employers will note additional documents you may need to bring to an interview or provide to them prior to the interview.

Note the location of the interview! To find this information, click on the date of your interview and look for the Room. UCC interviews will likely be the lower level of the Burge Union. BCSC is Room 125 Summerfield. ECSC is Room 1001 Eaton Hall. Other locations will be clearly indicated.

Interview slots are filled on a “first come” basis. Select your interview time as quickly as possible to ensure a convenient time slot is available.

If you need to change your interview time, do this during the sign-up period. Click on the Interviews tab on the navigation toolbar. Find the interview you wish to change and click Reschedule. Select a new time.

Important Policies and Procedures

The on-campus interview program is designed to help students make connections with employers to explore professional employment opportunities. Several policies and procedures must be followed in order for the program to function effectively and efficiently.

  • Students should check their KU Career Connections account daily during recruiting season. Announcements about new career opportunities may be posted at any time.
  • Before you are eligible to Pre-Select, sign up or schedule interviews you must complete the profile and post a resume in the KU Career Connections system. Students should provide accurate information on any career related materials.
  • Never falsify graduation date, GPA, work eligibility, transcript, etc.
  • If an employer cancels scheduled interviews, we will notify students as quickly as possible. Be sure that the e-mail and phone number listed in your student profile are current and correct. Employers rarely cancel interviews but inclement weather and other emergencies may require cancelation or rescheduling.

KU Career Connections includes an on-line, searchable database of full-time, part-time, limited term, internship and volunteer position announcements sent to KU. Employers from across the country and the world post announcements.

Students and alumni of the University of Kansas may participate in on-campus recruiting, post resumes to the KU web database and view all job announcements. To activate your account, students need to log in to KU Career Connections and complete the activation form. Alumni need to complete the online alumni registration form.

The University Career Center screens every job opening we receive and post; however, it is still possible that a well-disguised employment scam might not be detected. We review postings for any suspicious information, such as requests for personal bank information or an investment of money, or questionable email or web addresses. If job duties are unclear or there are multiple misspellings, we conduct further research before deciding whether to post a position. If you encounter a questionable job posting or employer, contact Ann Hartley at 785-864-4517 or ahartley@ku.edu to report the issue.

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KU Career Connections

Search jobs & internships or request an appointment.

Students, log in with your KU online ID and password. If you have not registered yet, you will be prompted to register when you first log in.

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