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Student Employee of the Year Recognition


Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year Video, 2017-2018, 38:12

Hannah Weingartner - Recreation Services


Jorden Matney-McCorkle - KU TRIO Talent Search

Kelsey L. Smith - Social Welfare

Janie M Sparks - Education Administration

Rena Stair - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Paola Alor - First-Year Experience

Connor Armstrong - Geology

Londonne Ayers - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Daniel Badro - Information Technology

Daniela Calderon-Cordoba - MBA Department, School of Business

Jaclyn Carpenter - Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Center

McKenzie E. Cory - Animal Care Unit

Alice Finley-Pyle - Office of Study Abroad

Stephen W Fulton - KU Libraries – Anschutz Library

Cheyenne Griffith - Psychology

Maren D. Hansen - Business Career Services, School of Business

Eric A Harrison - School of Business

Emily Hoy - Kansas African Studies Center

Dyamond V. Hutton - KU Libraries - Conservation Department

Zachary Kelsay - Parking & Transit

Sarah E. Kettering - KU Libraries

Deven M Knapp - Spencer Museum of Art

Monica Martinez - Office of the Provost

Alyssa Overfield - Student Housing

Colt A. Price - Procurement Services

Miranda J. Rheuport - KU Parking and Transit

Allison Ryburn - TRIO SES & STEM

Madeline M Schulte - Information Technology

Justin D. Sextro - KU Libraries

Hannah Smith - KU Libraries - Cataloging

Brea Renee Walkley - College Advising and Student Services

Hannah R Weingartner - Recreation Services

Madeleine Wilmsen - University Career Center

Leslie Zukrow - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences



Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year Video, 2016-2017, 13:08Yash Patel - Watkins Health Services


Maddie Byers - KU Dining Services

Mikaela Dorshorst - Pharmacy Practice

Grant Godfrey - Department of Aerospace Engineering

Lauren Hoerner - School of Business, Management Area

Colby Barrett - Department of Chemistry
Austin Becker - Internal Audit
Morgan Bene - Geography & Atmospheric Science
Amy Brown - University Career Center
Cora Burgoyne - Undergraduate Advising Center
Tirzah Chesky - Department of Religious Studies
Kelsey Cloyd - Biodiversity Institute
Jared Coltharp - TRIO SES & STEM
Emma Davison - Spencer Museum of Art
Lorena de la O - KU Libraries, Watson
Joshua Florez - School of Business, Financial Unit
Stephen Fulton - KU Libraries, Anschutz
Rachael Gabriel - KU Libraries
Patrick Golden - KU Athletics
Trae Green - KU Athletics, Communications
Xuan Gu - Department of Molecular Biosciences
Dominque Henry - Watkins Health Services Pharmacy
Richard Hernandez Jr - KU Student Housing
Rachel Jenkins - Recreation Services
Emily Johanek - Department of Film and Media Studies
Justin Kim - Office of the Chancellor
Erich Lanz  - School of Business, Supply Chain Mgmt.
Taylor LaRue - Center for Public Partnerships and Research
Morgan Matt - KU Dining Services
Rute Muniz - KU Writing Center
Praveen Ramaswamy - Department of Student Housing
Destiny Shelton - Department of Student Housing
Dallas Sims - Office of Research
Hannah Smith - KU Libraries, Cataloging
Shaina Stasi - Center for Undergraduate Research
Matthew Sunner - KU Research
Brea Walkley - College of Lib. Arts & Sci., Student Academic Services
Cali Welch - School of Social Welfare
Brooklyn Winkel - School of Public Affairs and Administration




Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year Video, 2015-2017, 38:33Travis M. Kesinger - Student Involvement and Leadership Center


Catherine E. Herst - University Career Center

Joshua Macy - Physics and Astronomy

Jennifer M. Marcinkowski - Human Resource Management - ADA Resource Center for Equity and Accessibility

Chad M. Uhl - Office of Study Abroad


Yasmin Badawi - International Student Services

Sydney Bradshaw - KU Student Housing / Apartment Living

Matt D. Buehler - Biology - Biodiversity Institute

Nicole B. Constance - Business, Marketing

Colin A. Dietz - Information and Telecommunication Technology Center

Julia A. Dury - CEAE

Laura K. Furney - Media Crossroads - School of Journalism

Xuan Gu - Department of Molecular Biosciences

Andrew Jon Hagin - Department of Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Prathap Kumar Valsan - EECS

Leah K. Maness - Graduate Student Assistant in Financial Aid & Scholarships

Allyson Maturey - School of Journalism communications office

Alex A. McKenna - Kansas Geological Survey Core Library

McKenzie N. Nicholis - Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities (Center for Research on Learning)

Amber N. Norris - Office of First-Year Experience

Alyssa A. Rodriguez - Health Education Resource Office at Watkins Health Services

Nicole E. Rosacker - Libraries, Cataloging Department, Marking Unit

Karley M. Stark - Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences

Laura M. White - Film and Media Studies




Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year Video, 2014-2015, 40:16Jake Rowe - Molecular Biosciences Department


Sara Anderson - International Programs

Alyse Bensel - English Department

Amanda Hemmingsen - KU Writing Center

Gabrielle Murnan - Office of Public Affairs


Feruz Akobirov - Academic Achievement and Access Center

Kelly Bacon - Student Account Services

Michaela Baeuchle - School of Business

Madeline Ballou - Apartment Living Office at KU Student Housing

Brittany Beck - Audio Reader Program

Monique Brigham - Student Affairs

Cristina Brown - University Career Center

Marilynn Chavez - Achievement and Assessment Institute - CEOP

Caleb Chin - Student Academic Services, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Kelsey Consolver - Achievement and Assessment Institute

Emma Davison - Spencer Museum of Art

Caitlin Fitzgerald - School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Bayley Hartman - Special Education Department

George Johnson - Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation

Tiffany Kann - Social Welfare Department

Megan Kittredge - Comptroller’s Office

Alexander Kuhn - Slavic Languages and Literatures

Megan Lounds - Life Span Institute

Breanna McCarthy - Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Elizabeth Melton - KU Libraries - Anschutz Library

Skylar Moore - Student Housing

Brenda Morales - Design and Construction Management Department

Hannah Morrow - Theatre Department

Laura Murcia - School of Business, Financial Unit and International Business

Alicia Nelson - Animal Care Unit

Emily Otte - Dole Institute of Politics

Paul Pierce II - Kansas Athletics

Johanna Ramirez - School of Public Affairs & Administration

Olivia Rankin - UKanTeach, Center for STEM Learning

Burke Slocum - Lied Center

Nathan Smith - Aerospace Engineering Department

Ryan Steele - University Honors Program

Dailey Tasker - Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering Department




Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year Video, 35:46Emily Grigone - Office of Study Abroad
winner's nomination form


Robert Healey - Student Housing​

Casey Miles - Lied Center​

Bailey Spickler - Continuing Education Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Anna Tatarko - Institute for Policy & Social Research


Chip Badley - KU Libraries/Center for Undergraduate Initiatives

Katherine Barrett - School of Journalism

Logan Bayless - Center for Research on Learning/School of Education

Marta Carvajal Regido - Content Development

Karen Chin - International Student Services

Zoe Cress - Chemistry

Andrew Davis - UKanTeach - KU Center for STEM Learning

Erin Dougherty - Life Span Institute, Beach Center on Disability, Project Success

Cindy Dunham - Public Management Center

Ellie Eastes - Office of First-Year Experience

Melissa Foree - Visual Art

Lauren Fox - Medicinal Chemistry

Alissa Futhey - Marketing Communications

Emily Harn - Law School

Bayley Hartman - School of Education

Campbell Haug - Applied Behavioral Science

Erin Hylton - Campus Operations

Hannah Jayne - Office of First-Year Experience

Lillian Maggiorotto - School of Business - MEL 

Frederick Markey - Engineering Administration

Katherine McBride - University Career Center

Ashley McDade - Research & Graduate Studies Pre Award

Shannon McGill - The Life Span Institute

Jessica Montgomery - Architecture and Design Student Services

Sarah Morris - School of Business

Kelly Murphy - University Honors Program

Marcus Paccapaniccia  - KU Student Housing 

Anthony Prizzi - Design and Construction Management

Amy Sinclair- Molecular Biosciences

Elaina Smith - Comptroller’s Office - Financial Management Systems

Christopher Smith - Environment, Health and Safety

Brett Steinbrink - Murphy Art and Architecture Library

Sean Tapia - Undergraduate Advising Center

Nikki Trooien-Smith - Student Housing

Jefferson Vlasnik - Mathematics

Abney Wenger - School of Education - Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Ramona Yoder - Office of First-Year Experience

Maggie Zehren - School of Business, Dean’s Office​



Student Employee of the Year 2012-2013Student Employee of the Year

Patrick Edmonds - Life Span Institute
winner's nomination form


Alyssa Ong - KU Marketing

Jenna Domann - Undergraduate Advising Center

 Jenna Mittelmeier - International Student Services

Sara Karcher - Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science - KU Medical Center


Chip Badley - Instructional Services


Alyssa Bastien - KU Design

Brandon Beck - CLAS Dean's Office

Regina Bird - Aerospace Engineering

Casey Busch - Talent Search/TRIO in the School of Education

Elizabeth Calloni - KU Libraries

Cameron Cregler - Information Technology

Alexandria Darden - KU School of Engineering - Budget Services

Dustin DeMayo - Institite for Policy & Social Research

Jenna Domann - Undergraduate Advising Center

Erin Dougherty - Life Span Institute/Beach Center

Alexander Dufek - Instructional Services Libraries

Camille Fittell - Undergraduate Advising Center

Grant Hays - Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Kirsten King - Recreation Services


Joshua Luthi - Center for Research on Learning

Becky Mandelbaum - Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation

Breanna McCarthy - Office of the Vice Chancellor, RGS

Samantha McCary - Academic Achievement and Access Center

Kylee McCullough - Life Span Institute/Beach Center

Patrick McEnulty - Molecular Biosciences

Brian Mikulecky - Recreation Services

Ashley Moretti - Office of the Vice Chancellor, RGS

Amy Murphy - Academic Achievement and Access Center

Courtney Osborn - Fire & Rescue Training Institute, KUCE

Elsa Pageler - Marketing Communications Video Department

Kanon Peterson - Center for Health Behavior Neuroscience

Ursula Rothrock - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Samuel Schroeder - Multicultural Affairs

Monica Shafii - Philosophy

Rebecca Smith - School of Music

Terry Thomas, Jr. - Office of First-Year Experience

Aric Toler - KU Writing Center

Chris Toole - Engineering Administration

Bradley Vonada - Student Housing

Ramona Yoder - First-Year Experience

Caitlin Young - KU Center for Science Education-UKanTech



Student Employee of the Year 2012-2013Student Employee of the Year

Adam R. Smith - University Advising Center
winner's nomination form


Linsee Addington - Pharmacology and Toxicology

Cassandra R. Gentry - Life Span Institute

Zack Johnson - Applied Behavioral Science

Khamphilay - Journalism

Davin P. Anaya - Psychology and Research in Education

James S. Baker - KU Dining Services

Sarah Bazih - Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (CREES)

Ashley L. Benes - Student Involvement & Leadership Center

Shan Bhaskar - Life Span Institute

Robert T. Britton - Molecular Biosciences

Lauren L. Brown - Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS)

Charles C. Burton - KU Center for Science Education

Lauren A. Callahan - Classics

Benjamin Cartwright - English

Zachary R. Clark - Office of the Chancellor

Kyle Consolver - Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE)

Molly A. Crouch - Mechanical Engineering

Joel Thomas Finney - Chemistry

Michelle L. Hagen - Law School Office of Admissions

Hunter M. Hess - Business Administration

Colby G. Hilburn - School of Business, AIS

Lauren H. Hypse - University Advising Center

Joanan E. Johnson - Higichi Biosciences Center

Whitney Jones - Design and Construction Management

Emily Knight - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Heather N. Lund - Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Amanda K. Maly - KU Purchasing Services

Matt Mathew - Life Span Institute

Sondra Moore - Research Information Systems, KUCR

Katherine L. Nilson - KUCR Financial Services

Lucas Noll - Research & Graduate Studies

Lauren O'Brien - University Career Center

Lindsey A. O'Brien - Mathematics

Jasmine C. Onianwa - Student Housing

Goldie L. Pappan - School of Public Affairs & Administration

Kelsey H. Perez - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Jordan A. Ramey - Lied Center

Autumn Runyan - Office of the Dean

Monica Saha - Office of Multicultural Affairs

Jonathon T. Samp - School of Music

Kimberly A. Scherman - Environmental Studies

Natalie Stroupe - Psychology

Christen R. Yaw - KU Libraries, Watson

Raymond Zheng - East Asian Languages & Cultures


University Career Center
6th in the nation for its social media presence in 2013 —JobBrander.com
Winner of the 2013 Innovation Excellence Award in Research —National Association of Colleges and Employers
2009 National Chevron Award winner for excellence in career services —National Association of Colleges and Employers
2010 National Chevron Award finalist for excellence in career services —National Association of Colleges and Employers
Professional Clothing Closet won Service Program of the Year —2011-12 Jayhawk Choice Awards
More than 500 students enroll in career classes annually
Each year more than 7,500 jobs and 1,400 internships are posted in KU Career Connections
University Career Center hosts eight career fairs each year
More than 360 organizations attended University Career Center career fairs the past academic year
More than 10,000 students attended University Career Center workshops in 2012-13