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Interest Area: Public Service/Policy

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Below are sample lists of careers and majors commonly associated with Public Service/Policy. Please remember, many careers do not require a specific major; rather, employers are often more interested in the experiences you have had and the skills, interests, abilities, and strengths you have developed through these experiences that enhance your academic program. Use the links below to explore careers and majors.

If you need help organizing information, you may find the Majors Research Guide and/or Occupational Research Guide beneficial. The career coaches at the University Career Center are also available to help you explore your options. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling 785-864-3624.


African & African American Studies

American Studies


​Environmental Studies

Global and International Studies


Human Sexuality

Political Science

Public Administration


Women’s Studies


Activist, Advocate/Organizer

Administrative Officer


Budget Examiner or Analyst

Budget/Fiscal Analyst

Campaign Operative

City Housing Manager

City/County Manager

College Administrator

Commodities Trader

Community Advocate

Community Affairs Specialist

Community Development Director

Community Health Specialist

Community Relations Specialist

Compensation Analyst


Congressional Office/Committee Staffer


Contract Negotiator/Compliance Officer

Coordinator of Federal or State Aid

Corporation Legislative Issues Manager

Cost Analyst


Credit Risk Manager

Customs Officer



Economic Analyst/Forecaster


Employee Relations Manager

Environmental Planner

Equity Analyst

Federal Government Analyst

Financial Analyst/Economist

Foreign Affairs Specialist

Foreign Exchange Trader

Foreign Service Officer


Trade Specialist


Transportation Commissioner

Urban and Regional Planner

Foreign Trade Analyst

Foundation President

Grant Writer

Health Policy Planner

Human Resources Manager

Human Rights Advocate

Immigration Officer

Immigration Specialist/Analyst

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Specialist/Analyst

International Correspondent

International Program Coordinator

International Relations Specialist

International Trade Specialist

Labor Economist

Labor Relations Specialist

Lawyer - International, Travel, or Immigration Law

Legal Aid Attorney

Legislative Analyst / Coordinator


Market Research Analyst

Plans and Review Officer, USIA

Policy Researcher/Analyst

Political Commentator


Project Director

Public Interest Lawyer

Public Opinion/Survey Analyst

Public Policy Consultant

Public Policy Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

Purchasing Manager

Research Analyst

Research Economist

Risk Analyst

Social Worker - Immigrant Populations

Speech writer

State Legislator

Women's Rights Advocate

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