Career Fair Plus Instructions and Resources

How to Sign Up for an Appointment:

  • Go to KU’s Career Fair Plus page –
  • Select the event you're interested in attending
  • See attending employers and click on individual employers to view more information and available timeslots
  • Sign up for an available timeslot
  • If you haven’t made a profile already, you’ll have to make one (the system will prompt you to do so).
    • Uploading a resume is not required but HIGHLY encouraged. Make an appointment with the University Career Center if you need help with this!
    • You can also make your profile without a resume, and then upload it later.
  • You can sign up for as many appointments as you like, but please only do 1 appointment PER employer.
  • If you’re having any problems, you can check out the Candidate Checklist on Career Fair Plus that walks you through all the steps.

Career and Job Search Resources for Students

Career development and the job search process can be both a fun and challenging experience. The University Career Center has resources to support you at every phase of your career journey.