Student in cap and gown with their family


Family members play an important role in guiding college students through the career development process. It is important that you provide support and encouragement, while allowing your student to make decisions based on their own experiences. Here are some tips for helping students with career decision-making.

  • Let your student guide conversations around major and career. 

  • Be willing to listen and offer empathic advice when your student asks for it. 

  • Allow your student to explore different careers and majors before making decisions. 

  • Encourage your student to visit the career center, but let them schedule the appointment and go to the appointment on their own.  

  • Stress the importance of experiential learning, and encourage them to participate in part-time jobs, internships, research, volunteer experiences, etc. 

  • Help them build their network by connecting them to people you know who work in careers and industries that match their interests. 

  • Encourage your student to attend the many career events offered on campus throughout the year. 


Fees for Services

Nearly all of our services are free for students, but we do collect fees for career assessments. Fees for assessments are $20 for one assessment (either Strong Interest Inventory or TruTalents) or $40 for both. CliftonStrengths is also available for $12.