Government & Non-Profit Jobs

If you're you interested in pursuing a career that allows you to serve your local community, state, or country? Do you dream of positively impacting the lives of others by making the world a better place? Consider pursuing a career with a government office or a non-profit organization! There are limitless professional opportunities available for those looking to make a living while making a difference.  

Government Resources 

Whether working for a local, state, or federal government employer, there are limitless career possibilities for individuals from every academic discipline and interest area. Careers in the public sector are rewarding on many levels: the work you will do impacts the lives of others, there are numerous opportunities for professional growth and advancement, and the pay and benefits are competitive with those found in the private sector. 

Non-Profit Resources 

If you desire a career that serves a "higher purpose" or "the greater good", you might explore career opportunities with non-profit organizations. Sometimes misunderstood, non-profits actually comprise a multi-trillion dollar sector of the US labor market and employ talented professionals from all academic disciplines and backgrounds. Whether planning fundraising events to benefit cancer research, advocating for human rights legislation, or traveling abroad to aid developing countries, there are limitless career opportunities that allow you to make a living while serving a cause you are passionate about. Explore the resources on the right to learn more about internships and jobs in the non-profit sector. 

  • Change - online community that promotes public awareness and empowers action for a wide variety of social, economic, and environmental causes; includes a job board and career advice blog, and Jobs for Change
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy - a top journal for non-profit professionals; includes job listings and career information for new professionals
  • Idealist - searchable database of non-profit organizations, jobs and internship opportunities in the US and abroad
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation - searchable directory of Kansas City non-profit organizations
  • Guide to Non-Profit Careers for First-Time Job Seekers - a free printable guide for those exploring careers in the non-profit sector
  • National Council of Non-Profits - professional organization for non-profit organizations; includes industry information and job listings
  • Non-Profit Connect - full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer listings with non-profits in the KC-metro area
  • Student Conservation Association - organization offering national park, greenspace, and cultural landmark internship opportunities
  • Teach for America - alternative teaching certification program that places recent college graduates from a wide variety of backgrounds in teaching positions in urban and rural public schools