Curricula Vitae

Curricula Vitae, or commonly known as CVs are mostly used in academia and healthcare fields in the United States. International employers, however, may prefer a CV for job applications regardless of industry.

Page length 

  • No page limit - content determines length
  • 3-4 pages for Master's level
  • 10+ pages for Doctorate level  


  • Emphasis on academic preparation and research, teaching, and publications
  • Includes all academic and research experience
  • Each section's content listed in reverse chronological order  

Education Section 

  • List all college degrees earned or in progress with names of institutions, locations, and dates completed/expected
  • Include the title of thesis and/or dissertation and advisor names as appropriate 

Experience Sections 

  • Can be organized into multiple themed sections, such as Teaching Experience, Research Experience, Relevant Experience, Volunteer Experience, Laboratory Experience, Clinical Experience, etc. 

Additional Sections 

  • Include publications, research/teaching interests, professional development, professional accomplishments (grants, fellowships, etc.), and professional memberships
  • If applicable, Skills section should include specialized lab, language, and software skills