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Career development and the job search process can be both a fun and challenging experience. The University Career Center has resources to support you at every phase of your career journey.

Career Diversity Resources 

The University of Kansas University Career Center promotes diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental principles to the success of the center and the students it serves. The UCC strives to foster an environment enriched in varying perspectives, ideas, thought, and individuality – a place where shared ideas, experiences, and variance in thought do not separate us, but bring us together.   

These Career Diversity Resources aim to support KU’s students in the development of meaningful connectedness as well as professional and personal growth by providing resources to reflect their experiences and identities.  

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Jobs & Internship Resources  

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Publications and Media   

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  • Disclosing Visible Disabilities- Disclosing Visable Disabilites

  • Disclosing Invisible Disabilities- Disclosing Invisible Disabilities

  • Disabilities & Functional Limitations Disabilites and functional limitations

Disclosing to an employer 

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