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Many resources are available to you to help you search for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences. is a tool specifically for KU students that houses hundreds of opportunities from employers looking to hire you! You already have a Hire Jayhawks account, and the tool is completely free!

If you have any trouble accessing your account, please see the helpful tips below or contact us at or 785-864-3694.

Hire Jayhawks

Through this online tool, University of Kansas students and alumni can:

Helpful Hire Jayhawks Tips

  • Please read the University Career Center's Professional Conduct Policy before completing the activation survey.
  • Students: activate your account by logging in to Hire Jayhawks. If you have not registered before, you will be prompted to complete a survey when you log in. In order to register, you must answer "yes" to the authentication question. Your access will be available and free through six months after you graduate.
  • Alumni (beyond six months of graduation): complete the online form to begin the access process.
  • If you have any trouble with the online registration, please contact us at or 785-864-3624.​
  1. Go to Hire Jayhawks and log in with your KU online ID and password. 

  2. Next, you will complete a short (less than 2 minutes) registration survey. We will email you, usually within one to two business days, when you have full access to your account. 

  3. If you have any problems logging into the system, please contact the University Career Center at or 785-864-3624

  4. Once you log in for the first time, please review and update your personal and academic information to ensure your profile is filled out as completely and accurately as possible. 

  5. Information about your career interests, your geographic preferences, and your academic status helps employers and career center staff identify and contact potential candidates about specific job opportunities, career-related workshops, and information sessions that may interest you. 

  6. Make updates by clicking on “My Account” and saving any changes before moving to the next screen.

*Never falsify any information in your account, including graduation date, GPA, work eligibility, or transcript.

You need to have an uploaded a resume to be able to apply for some of the jobs through Hire Jayhawks and to participate in on-campus interviews.

To upload your resume or cover letter:

  1. Click on the “Documents” tab. 

  2. Click on “Add New”.  

  3. Assign your document a file name (i.e. Marketing Resume 1), and choose the correct document type. 

  4. Click the “browse” button to select the resume to upload from your computer. You can upload up to 10 documents. If you have more than one resume uploaded, you will need to select a default resume by clicking “Make Default”. 

  5. In the “My Account” tab, you can choose to have your resume included in resume books accessible by employers who have a working recruiting relationship with us. This means that sometimes even when you don’t apply for a position, an employer who has access to our resume books may see your resume and contact you for an interview. Employers will only be able to view your default resume.

*There are possible security issues inherent in putting your resume, which contains such information as address and phone number, on the Internet. The University Career Center has taken certain precautionary measures to limit access to student resumes, however, we assume no liability for problems arising from your decision to use this system.

Positions in Hire Jayhawks include local, regional, nationwide and overseas listings with employers from a variety of industries.

To view available opportunities:

  1. Click on “Jobs & Internships”. 

  2. In the “Jobs & Internships” section you can view all active jobs or can search jobs by position type, job title, company name, location, majors, job functions, industries, or keywords. Please keep in mind the more specific criteria you enter, the fewer positions you will see. 

  3.  Narrow your options by selecting the type of position you are seeking.
    • Off-Campus Student Jobs: local (within 50 mile radius of Lawrence), positions in which students can work while in school -- a degree is not needed, usually part-time
    • Part-time Jobs: require a completed degree, less than 30 hours a week
    • Internships or Co-op: must have a learning outcome, can be paid or unpaid
    • Full-time Jobs: require a degree, 30+ hours per week 

  4. You can add jobs to your favorites for easy future access by clicking a star either next to a job in search results or in the individual job descriptions. 

  5. Some job postings will require that you apply directly to the employer, while others will instruct you to submit your resume through Pay close attention to how employers prefer to receive applications as well as what documents they request to submit for any particular posting. 

  6. Be sure to log into on a regular basis to review job listings, as they change daily. Some job postings have short application deadlines. 

  7. Consider setting up a search agent to receive email alerts when new jobs are posted into the database that meet your specific criteria. Please see “Setting up personalized email alerts for jobs and internships in" section below regarding tips on how to set up a job agent.

Job agents give you the ability to be e-mailed job results when new employment opportunities become available in Hire Jayhawks according to your search criteria.

To create a job search agent:

  1. Under “Jobs & Internships” click on “All Postings.” 

  2. Within “Advanced Search,” select the criteria for your search based on the type of opportunities you are seeking, and click “Search”. 

  3. Click “Saved Searches”, name your search, and select your desired frequency for receiving email updates, and if you prefer to receive new results only. You will receive an email based on your scheduling criteria with internships/jobs based on your search criteria. 

  4. If desired, you may repeat these instructions and set up multiple alerts. 

  5. Update your search agents at any time by editing or deleting any saved searches.

Jobs and internships with scheduled interviews on the KU campus will be marked by “Campus Interview” next to the job title. Current jobs with on-campus interviews can be found when by selecting “Show me” - “All Interviews” in the Advanced Job Search. You can also see any campus interviews you qualify for by going to the Home page and looking in the Quick Links on the right side of the screen under “On Campus Interview Resources”.

Once you find a position with an on-campus interview that you are interested in:

  1. Submit your resume to the employer using the “Apply” button. 

  2. Next, you will see a drop down menu allowing you to select the resume you would like to use. 

  3. Once you have selected the resume, click “Submit” at the bottom of the box. 

  4. Notice there are two types of interview schedules used in Pre-Select and Open. If it is an Open schedule, you will be able to sign up for an interview at the time you submit your resume. You will only be able to sign up for an Open interview schedule if you meet the minimum requirements of the job posting. 
    • If it is a Pre-Select interview schedule, once you submit your resume, you must wait for the employer to invite you to an interview. 

  5. View the status of your submissions for on-campus interviews under “Requested Interviews” in the “Interviews” tab. 

  6. If you are invited for an interview, you need to sign up for a time slot.
    • Click on the “Interviews” tab and find the job title for which you were selected to interview.
    • Click on” Schedule Interview” to select your interview time.
    • Note the location of the interview. To find this information, click on the date of your interview and look for the room.
    • Interview slots are filled on a “first come” basis. Select your interview time as quickly as possible to ensure a convenient time slot is available. 

  7. If you need to change your interview time, do this during the sign-up period.
    • Click on the Interviews tab on the navigation toolbar.
    • Find the interview you wish to change and click “Reschedule”.
    • Select a new time. 

  8. Be sure to read the Hire Jayhawks professional conduct policy for students below, as it includes our policy regarding on-campus interviews