Although you may not realize it, you’re likely already building your career network as a student here at KU. Your relationships with people like your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, former supervisors, faculty, etc. can play a valuable role in exploring careers, job searching, and moving up in your career. 


  • Clean up your online image by making sure all content is positive and professional. 
  • Develop and promote your brand to make yourself standout. 
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself with others by knowing what you want to say and how you want to say it. 
  • Have your resume ready and be prepared to hand it out. 

Find Contacts 

  • Think about who you know and how these people might be able to help you reach your career goals. 
  • Utilize online tools such as LinkedIn to become an active member in online networking groups. 
  • Network using the KUAA mentoring platform:  This free networking platform provides KU students access to KU Alumni who can provide career guidance and advice.   

Build Connections 

  • Communicate like a professional by being polite and polished when connecting with others. 
  • Value others’ expertise when you are meeting new people or building connections you already have. 
  • Maintain your relationships by staying in contact, keeping others updated, and always thanking people for their help. 
  • Return the favor by being prepared to help others with their own careers.


Quick Tips

  • Your network could include colleagues from professional associations, KU alums, or acquaintances you’ve connected with via online networking sites. To help stay connected to KU and networking opportunities, consider joining the Student Alumni Network.

  • Students can order business cards through the University Career Center to hand out in networking and other professional events.