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People in these fields typically spend their time leading organizations; developing and implementing strategies; building partnerships and relationships; creating and operating businesses; and bringing novel goods or services to market. This career community focuses on maximizing organizational effectiveness through branding, relationships, and services.

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Sample Internships and Employers

  • Andrews McMeel Universal - Marketing Intern, Public Relations Intern, Book Publishing Intern
  • College Works - Management Intern
  • Barkley - Account Management Intern, Public Relations Intern, Marketing Intern, Social Media Intern, Research Intern
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas - Product Marketing Intern, Community Relations Intern, New Ventures Intern, Sales Intern, Underwriting Intern, Finance Intern
  • City of Olathe - Organizational Development Summer Intern, Social Media Intern, Human Resources Intern, Communication Intern
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Public Affairs Intern, Analyst Intern, Historical Economic Data Intern, Money Museum Intern
  • Intouch Solutions - Media Intern, SEO Intern, Project Management Intern, Social Media Intern, Content Strategy Intern, Campaign Management Intern, Business Development Intern, Copywriter Intern, Analytics Intern
  • Lockton Companies - International Intern, Commercial Insurance Intern, Operations Intern, Project Intern, Benefits Intern, Marketing Intern
  • Merck & Co. - Future Talent Rotational Program, Retail Sales Intern, Metrics, Analytics & Performance Intern, Marketing Specialist Intern
  • Northwestern Mutual - Financial Representative Intern
  • Sporting Kansas City - Gameday Operations Intern, Sales Intern, Ticket Sales, Social Media and Event Planning Intern, Photographer and Marketing Intern, Events Marketing Intern
  • SE2 / Security Benefit - Human Resources Intern, Business Operational Analyst Intern, Business Systems Analyst Intern, Internal Controls Intern
  • Shamrock Trading Corporation - Sales Intern, Finance Intern, Accounting Intern
  • SS&C Technologies (formerly DST Systems Inc.) – Business Intern, Application Analyst Intern
  • Starlight Theatre - Sales & Marketing Intern, Accounting Intern, Donor Relations Intern, Community Engagement Intern, Venue Operations Intern
  • Target Corporation - Operations Intern, Management Intern
  • WaterOne - Communications Intern, Human Resources Intern

Internship Profile: Micheal

Michael Wasserman - Supply Chain Management

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