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Faculty and Staff

The University Career Center offers a number of services and resources that can assist and support the important work that you do with students. We want to partner with you to help ensure the success of all students and ask you to refer them to the UCC.

Faculty are indispensable to our success as you are a primary connection between students and campus support centers. From the earliest days of a KU degree, faculty can highly motivate students to capitalize on the resources in the KU Career Center (UCC).

The UCC’s holistic approach to career coaching provides a comprehensive selection of tools for faculty and students. From the initial steps of discovering students’ individual focus, to identifying curriculum skills that are transferable for the future, to the hands-on help for resumes, cover letters, and interviews, we help students develop beneficial long-term relationships for post-graduation success. 

You can access all career coaching appointment types here. After you see the variety of opportunities, simply click the “UCC Request Form” to the right and get started. 

Featured Resources

For additional information, please contact us:

  • University Career Center

  • 206 Summerfield Hall

  • 785-864-3624


Building Career Skills in the Classroom

“All of my students are passionate about what they learn in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies classes, but many seem to think that other majors are more practical or marketable. I’ve brought UCC into my classes to dispel this assumption by showing students how to find job opportunities that match their interests and how to pitch their skills to potential employers. In addition to building career skills, students leave these sessions more confident in their academic work.”

~Dr. Stacey Vanderhurst, WGSS 

Career Service in the Classroom Options

We are here to help you bring the UCC to your students in a variety of ways. We invite you to take a look at the following opportunities. We welcome all levels of engagement. No matter what, we are here to help. We encourage you particularly to consider our new Canvas Layered Classroom for Faculty.  

Layered Classrooms  

This is our newest initiative to reach out to Faculty at the UCC! “The Layered Class” approach allows you to add bit-by-bit (that is, layer), skills- and career-based learning outcomes to your classes. There are three options for layering career and skills-centered content into your classroom:  

  • Embed career content into your Canvas Course 

  • Request a Workshop  

  • Assign a UCC Service, Event or Program.  

You can use resources from one or all three layers! Career content comes in five content options: Resumes, Interviewing, Job & Internship Search, Networking, Career Development.  See below for more details and instructions below on options for embedding content into your Canvas Courses, requesting a workshop, or assigning UCC events, programs and services.   

Syllabus Language 

You can add information about the UCC to your syllabus so that students are aware of UCC resources. We suggest the following wording: 

Simplified Syllabus Statement: 

University Career Center   

The UCC offers individualized career-coaching consultations to assist KU students during each step of the career exploration and planning process. To get started with a career coach, visit or call 785.864.3624 to schedule an in-person, virtual, or telephone appointment. To learn more, go to for more information about online resources and career events.   

Extended Syllabus Statement: 

University Career Center   

The UCC offers individualized career-coaching consultations to assist KU students during each step of the career exploration and planning process, ranging from career exploration, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, finding and applying for jobs and internships, and networking assistance. UCC coaches are available for in-person, virtual, and telephone appointments. To make an appointment with a career coach, visit or call 785.864.3624. By joining one of the  career communities, you’ll receive curated job and internship postings, event invitations, employer profiles, and industry-specific resources delivered to your inbox twice a month. More career resources, including links to career fairs and listings, are available at   

You can have two options:   

Option one: Jayhawk Ready Modules

Embed career modules into your canvas class. To view the JayhawkReady Canvas site content:  

To upload any module into their own canvas class site, faculty can access the module in the “commons” area on Canvas. When a faculty member uploads the module to their canvas course, it will automatically create the module and the respective assignments. Please note that everything in the module is optional and customizable. Faculty can choose to delete assignments and/or activities or add text to the assignments/activities that will customize it to their classroom. Faculty can also adjust assignments or activities to count towards the final grade, or not. The assignments will show up in the gradebook, but do not need to affect the final grade.  

A series of options will come up. This is a sample of available modules. Please email Tracy Runck for more details.   

  • Resumes 

  • Interviewing 

  • Informational Interviewing 

  • Networking 

  • Researching Employers 

  • Internships and Experiential Learning 

  • Salary Negotiation 

To embed these Modules:  

  1. Go to 

  1. Click on “commons” 

  1. In the search bar, type in “Jayhawkready” 

  1. Click on desired module 

  1. Click “import/download”; and select destination course 

  1. Click “import into course” 

For technical assistance with Canvas please click here.  For technical assistance with the UCC Canvas layered classroom, please contact Tracy Runck or our Faculty Fellow. 

Option two: Pre-Recorded Presentations

Embed a pre-recorded presentation that are typically 30-40 minutes long. These presentations give a broad overview of the career topic and will introduce pertinent UCC services and resources and where to find details on upcoming events and programs.  All pre-recorded presentations can be found in KU MediaHub and can be easily uploaded into your Canvas site.  Please use the UCC Request Form to request a link or embed code.

List of Standard Presentations (recorded and available in KU MediaHub/Canvas Commons) 

  • Getting Started: UCC Overview: Using the UCC Resources and recommendations for starting your career planning journey! 

  • Resume for Results: Covering the basics of good resume construction, including skills that employers seek, tips for formatting that gets their attention and activities on describing skills.   

  • Acing the Interview: Provides a thorough foundation of interviewing basics including preparation and research methods, answering techniques and tips for following up.   

  • Mastering the Job Search: How to focus a job search, gain experiences, establish connections, find job openings, and manage the job search process.  

  • Demystifying Internships: Provides a foundation for internship exploration, ranging from discovering what internships are (and are not), types of internships, and how to find an internship.  

  • Personal Branding and LinkedIn: This presentation provides a definition of corporate and personal branding while teaching students how to develop and maintain their own personal brand. We will discuss how to craft social media images and teach the students the intricacies of LinkedIn.  

  • Career Readiness: Students will learn about the 8 core skills that employers look for when hiring new employees. This presentation sets students up for workplace success and lifelong career management.  

In-class workshops are dynamic, interactive in-person experiences for the student and the faculty member. Our in-class workshops are practical, hands-on experiences that ask students to apply concepts to either a case study or their own materials.  We request that faculty are present and engaged during the workshop. See individual topics for more details and to determine which materials students should bring in advance – in most cases, a laptop will suffice.  Please use the UCC Request Form to request a UCC Workshop.  We have two types of workshops:  

Nuts and Bolts Workshops

These practical workshops help students develop hands-on skills using essential resources and tools that students must learn how to use in order to be effective with the career topic. See individual workshop descriptions for further details. 

  • Easy to Read Resumes: Quick tips, tricks and examples.  How to properly construct and format a resume. Students will be guided through several rounds of peer resume reviews, with progressive feedback intensity, starting with formatting consistency to examining if the resume demonstrates good design principles. Giving feedback is a great way to learn about how to create easy to ready resumes!  

  • Preparing for the Interview: Guides students on the most important aspect of interviewing – preparation!  This teaches students the fundamentals of conducting research prior to the interview including the benefits of researching the company, identifying and exploring online resources, and creating effective interview questions to ask during the interview.  

  • Job Search Essentials: techniques for using job search tools (popular and less well known) – students will learn how to search for positions, how set up their profiles, and create job search agents.   

  • Identifying Your Networks: tools, tips and techniques. How to cultivate relationships including specific strategies on building, growing, and managing your network, how to inform your network about your job search, the benefits of using the KU Mentoring platform and LinkedIn networking tools. 

  • TruTalent Workshop: Identify and understand different personality types; requires completion of the TruTalent assessment.  A $20 fee covers cost of assessment.  

Career Readiness Workshops

Career Readiness are skills and qualities highly valued by employers. In this workshop series, students will learn how to identify and communicate these essential skills associated with the career topic. See individual workshop descriptions for further details.  

  • Promoting Skills on Resumes.  Learn how to convey important career readiness skills on your resume. Students will workshop sections of their resumes and will leave with workable drafts that convey their skills.  

  • Demonstrating Skills in Interviews This workshop teaches students popular answering techniques such as A+1 and STAR. Students will focus on Behavioral interview questions and will use the STAR method to demonstrate skills. Students take turns assigning, answering and providing feedback to a basic interview sequence Rubric provided to guide students with giving feedback.  They will also research themselves and will construct strengths and stories they can use in an interview. 

  • Identifying Job Search Targets: Identify job search targets using peak experiences, skills, popular job search websites. 

  • Making your LinkedIn Profile Career Ready: Students will work on how their LinkedIn Profiles with a particular focus on demonstrating their career readiness skills so that they can start to build connections.  

  • Identifying your Career Readiness Skills: Students will discover and articulate career readiness skills through an activity that helps with scan their academic experiences, work, campus involvement, and experiential learning. 

We appreciate your help with referring students to UCC events, programs and services through an assignment!  To ensure capacity for supporting your students, so we have selected our most effective ways of interacting with the UCC for your class. Students should be required to participate in Jayhawk Ready modules, or to watch a pre-recorded presentation before participating so they can be prepared for the experience. 

The following options are broadly appealing to students, easy to assign and help students learn about important events, programs, and services. If you would like us to personalize your visit, contact Kim Beeler

Attend a Career Fair

The UCC offers multiple career fairs every semester ranging from industry focused events to broadly appealing ones that any student could attend.  Career coaches will be at the Help Desk to aid students with navigating the career fair. Students attending any one of our multiple career fairs can have their attendance noted and verified by career services staff. Several of our Fairs offer additional career prep programming available to students in a “conference style” format. See this link for information about individual events, or contact Marshall Miller for more details.  

Attend a Career Community Program

The UCC puts on a variety of engaging career programs every semester, ranging from webinars, networking events and career preparation feedback sessions.  These seriously hands-on programs help students get networking and relationship building experience within specific industries and are designed in collaboration with campus and community partners.  Have an idea for a program? Contact Wendy Shoemaker.  Click here for a full list of UCC events and programs. 

  • Beyond KU Series: These engaging panel presentations are designed to broaden student perspectives on career pathways. KU alumni and other working professionals representing a extensive range of careers within the field will field questions about the field. These are offered via Zoom – students who sign up will be sent a recording.  

  • Mocktails and Mingle: These networking events are specifically designed to help students get started with networking. KU alumni and area working professionals are invited to network with students. Light appetizers and a mocktail provided. Co-sponsored by KU Alumni Association.  

  • Career Readiness Series: New for the 2022-2023 academic year! We are offering a month of opportunities each semester for students to get feedback on how they are conveying their career readiness skills to employers. In October 2022, it will be Mocktober – students sign up for 30 mock interviews. In February 2023, it will be Resumania – students will sign up for 30-minute mock resume reviews. Evaluation is provided by campus and community partners.   

Use a UCC Service

Please use the UCC Request Form to let us know if you are assigning one of these UCC Services.   By filling out this form, we will follow up to make sure you have instructions to share with students and help you set a deadline. After the deadline is over, we can provide a list of students who have completed the assignment.  If you have questions, please contact the Faculty Fellow,  Dr. Brian Lagotte who can guide you through your options.  

  • Getting Started Appointments: In these 30-minute appointments, students will connect with a career coach to learn how to get to start using our most popular career tools and programs such as HireJayhawks and Career Communities.   

  • Pathway U. PathwayU is an online assessment tool that can help guide students toward discovering purpose and meaning while exploring majors and occupations that align with interests and values. Students complete four assessments (Values, Interests, Personality, and Workplace Preferences) in 15 to 25 minutes. 

  • Resume Drop Box: Students submit resumes via a digital Resume Dropbox for a quick and basic review of format, spelling, and overall effectiveness.  Feedback is provided via email and on the document using the Track Changes feature in Word.  Reviewers will suggest following up with a career coach when warranted. We do not make specific changes to resumes submitted. Students will need a deadline for submission of the class assignment. We’ll provide a deadline for when the resumes are returned to the student; usually within five business days from the student’s submission. 

  • HireJayhawks Mock Interview:   Using HireJayhawks, students record an online mock interview where you can provide a rating and feedback, with the option of having it evaluated by a career coach.  

Bring your classroom to the UCC for a tour

The UCC hosts many classes to introduce our most popular resources, show how to make a career coaching appointment, and then end the tour of the P.H.O.G. Career Closet. 

Class Consultation 

This type of consultation allows Faculty members to meet one-on-one with an Assistant Director in order to learn about classroom needs and how the faculty member would like to incorporate skills and career-based learning outcomes in their classroom. Our team can help you add any level of career learning outcome that you would like. What would work best for your students? What resources do we have that can help your class? Module creation and activities? Our Team can work with you to expand and develop your classroom! Please contact our Faculty Fellow, Dr. Brian Lagotte 

Refer a Student 

Know a student who could benefit from UCC resources and career counselling? Have you had a conversation with a student regarding career choices, skills, resumes, interviewing, etc.? Please feel free to refer the student to the UCC. We recommend the following template for a referral (feel free to personalize) 

Dear X, 
It was great talking with you! In addition to what we discussed, I also wanted to refer you to the University Career Center. The Career Center has professional career coaches who can help guide you regarding career exploration, resumes, interviews, networking, internships and so forth. You can find out about the UCC here:; or you can call 785-864-3624 or go to to schedule an appointment.  

Request an introduction to the UCC at a department meeting 

Our staff can provide a succinct and targeted 10 – 15 min presentation about how the UCC can partner with your department to provide more professionalization, alumni engagement, how to add UCC resources to your undergraduate classrooms, and generally increase skills-based and career-based knowledge for your students. We are happy to come to your department meeting or a teaching retreat to talk with your faculty. Please contact Wendy Shoemaker