Career Communities

What are Career Communities? 

  • Customized events that focus on your interests and skills  
  • Opportunities to explore career pathways through experiences and resources 

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  • Artists, Designers, and Performers

    People in these fields spend time developing opportunities to showcase work; telling stories; influencing user experiences; building portfolios; studying and rehearsing roles; and collaborating with other arts organizations and individuals. This career community focuses on using various media to convey creative expression through visual arts, music, dance, theatre, creative writing, architecture, design, and film.

  • Communicators and Leaders

    People in these fields spend their time leading organizations; developing and implementing strategies; building partnerships and relationships; creating and operating businesses; and bringing novel goods or services to market. This career community focuses on maximizing organizational effectiveness through branding, relationships, and services.

  • Educators and Helping Professions

    This career community focuses on educating, helping and guiding others, serving public interests through teaching and human services as well as understanding people and equipping individuals to grow and thrive. People in these fields spend their time developing curriculum, designing treatment protocols, providing counseling and support, implementing policy and advocating for social change.

  • Scientists and Technologists

    This career community focuses on research, analysis, design, development, education, sales, management, and support in a variety of scientific, technical and medical environments. People in these fields spend their time interacting with machines, software, and specimens; diagnosing and solving problems; collecting, and analyzing data; collaborating within interdisciplinary teams; and communicating findings and outcomes.

  • International Professionals and Public Servants

    People who work internationally, either stateside or abroad, and come from any occupation that is influenced by the interaction with international people and where knowledge and sensitivity about the world's cultures, economies, and other world systems is beneficial. People who work as public servants spend their time researching and writing policy; and working within non-profit and government sectors. This career community focuses on serving the needs of the public through analyzing and setting policy and advocating for the public good.

  • Health Professionals

    People who work in healh professions focus on careers in healthcare that improve lives through research; the prevention, identification, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment of diseases and disorders; and patient rehabilitation. People in these fields spend their time working with interprofessional teams; researching and integrating the latest technology; thinking critically and solving problems in high-risk environments; and communicating and advocating for patients and their families.