Classical Languages

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a BA, BGS, and Minor, as well as a MA in Classical Languages. The Classical Languages major trains you to read the great authors of Classical antiquity (e.g., Homer, Plato, Vergil, Sappho, Saint Augustine) in the original language and prepares you for graduate study in Classics and for teaching in some private schools. You might also combine your classical language interest with a degree in the School of Education. A degree in education with a Latin major allows you to teach Latin in public high schools.

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Sample of Related Skills 

  • Read and comprehend works of poetry and prose in their original language(s) from all periods of classical antiquity  

  • Know how to place these texts in their literary, social, and historical context  

  • Demonstrate broad understanding of the history and culture of the ancient world  

  • Describe and discuss the grammatical, rhetorical and stylistic features of Latin and Greek texts as well as the way these features shape the ideas in these texts  

  • Use linguistic analysis in the historical, philosophical and theological interpretation of Greek and Latin texts  

Popular Career Paths 

Archeology: Involves the analysis of past civilizations by uncovering and studying artifacts and architecture to gain knowledge about the way people lived in the past.

Government: Involves understanding and participating in the development of public policy to guide the well-being of citizens and societies, whether at a city, state, or federal level.

Law: Involves providing legal services for clients that may include things such as advising them of their rights, analyzing or writing legal documents, or defending them from lawsuits.

Literary Editing: Involves proofreading and providing feedback and reviews on written material such as books, newspaper or magazine articles.

Museum Work: Involves the planning and overseeing the arrangements, cataloging, and exhibition of collections of arts and historic objects.

Teaching: Involves facilitating students learning by developing lesson plans, providing instruction, and creating a learning environment. 

Jobs to Consider 

Places to Seek Employment 

  • Colleges and Universities
  • City, County, and State Government Agencies
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Historical Societies
  • K-12 Public and Private Schools
  • Law Firms
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Private Archeological Consulting Firms
  • Publishing Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • United Nations 

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