Community Health

The School of Education & Human Sciences offers a BSE in Community Health.  Community Health prepares students to effectively educate individuals, families, and communities about health issues. They are prepared for employment providing health education-related services in non-school agencies such as health care facilities, local, state, and national health agencies, and international health agencies in the government, for-profit, and not-for-profit sectors.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Assess community needs and planning and evaluating health programs  

  • Interpret quantitative and qualitative research findings in the medical, nursing, public health and social science literature 

  • Examine the principal determinants of health problems facing the world’s populations within social, economic and political contexts 

  • Identify biological, behavioral and social principals of health promotion and disease prevention across the life span 

  • Describe the interactions between biological, psychological, environmental and cultural factors influencing public health and disease prevention strategies 

  • Examine healthcare policy, finance and regulatory environments, with attention to healthcare disparities 

  • Communicate and conduct presentations on public health problems, determinants and evidence-based interventions 

Popular Career Paths

Individual and Community Health: Involves the promotion, maintenance, and improvement of individual and community health by assisting individuals and communities to adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviors

Environmental or Occupational Health: Involves the evaluation and examination of all aspects of the natural and/or work environment that may affect human health as well as the development and implementation of programs and procedures that prevent disease or injury

Disease Prevention and Management: Involves the examination of the factors affecting the health and illness of populations and the development of prevention and control methods 

Jobs to Consider

Places to Seek Employment

  • Adoption Agencies
  • Birthing Centers
  • College/University Health Centers
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  •  Crisis Intervention Agencies