The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a BA in Humanities, an undergraduate certificate in World Literature, and a graduate certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. The Humanities major is an interdisciplinary program that gives students the freedom to create a course of study uniquely shaped to their interests. The Department of Humanities offers two tracks: Global Humanities and Peace and Conflict Studies.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the contributions of significant Western thinkers to ongoing intellectual debate about moral, social, and political alternatives  

  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically about moral, social, and political arguments in the Western intellectual tradition, evaluating the logic of these arguments and relating them to the historical and cultural context  

  • Consider moral, social, and political issues from an interdisciplinary perspective  

  • Identify characteristics of Western Civilization and its influence on the modern world through multiple cognate areas of liberal arts  

  • Apply fundamental concepts to describe the development of Western Civilization over a significant period of time (critical thinking)  

Popular Career Paths

Law: The skills learned within this major like logical and critical thinking and the writing abilities gained offers a great path into the law profession. There is a variety of options within the profession including public defender, criminal defense, corporate law and many more. 

Education: Offers you the ability to educate, research, and advise in all levels of education. Research and communication skills are very important to this career path. 

Writing/Editing/Publishing: Involves careers in newspapers and magazines, book publishing, freelancing, arts and entertainment, and radio and television.

Religion: The skills attained from a humanities and western civilization major is a great path into religion. Further education within this profession is required and prepares you for this career path much more extensively. Clergy member and church administration are two of the most common professions within the career. 

Business/Public Relations: Many businesses need help within the area of public relations which is all about their image and how they are viewed from the public’s point of view. Written and analytical skills are very important within this career path. 

Arts: Involves careers in museums, libraries, and galleries that connect your studies in humanities and western civilization with the general public. 

Explore More Career Paths

  • American Bar Association - information and tips on preparing for law school 

  • American Philosophical Association - offers several different links to associations and societies related to philosophy as well as journals related to the field 

  • Humanities Resource Center Online - provides a comprehensive listing of related humanities organizations in areas such as governmental & national organizations, international organizations, library associations, museums, and higher education associations 

  • National Humanities Alliance - an advocacy coalition dedicated to the advancement of humanities education, research, preservation and public programs. 

Jobs to Consider

Places to Seek Employment

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Churches
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Elementary/Middle/High Schools
  • Federal, State, & Local Government Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Libraries
  • Museums/Galleries
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Publishing Companies
  • Research Institutions

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