Kansas Work Study Program

NOTICE: Federal Work Study is managed by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarshipsfinancialaid@ku.edu / 785-864-4700.

The Kansas Work-Study Program (Career Component) is funded by the State of Kansas, through the Board of Regents. The purpose of the program is to help Kansas employers hire university students to work in career-related positions. The student benefits by gaining work experience that enhances the student’s academic program. The employer benefits by being reimbursed for one half of the student’s gross wages.

If you have further questions about Kansas Career Work-Study, please contact us at 785-864-7664 or kswkstd@ku.edu.

Work Study Information

In order to participate in the K.W.S. program, the student must meet several eligibility requirements. The student must:

  • be a Kansas resident, paying in-state tuition fees
  • be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during the Fall and Spring
  • have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or greater and must maintain a 2.0 or higher throughout the semester
  • have a declared major in a field that is directly related to the type of employment opportunity for which the student is applying
  • demonstrate an “established financial need” which has been defined as the cost of attendance minus any scholarship or fellowship monies awarded to the eligible student and without any financial aid received by the eligible student pursuant to title IV of the higher education act of 1965, as amended. This will be determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  • must have a FAFSA on file within the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Work Study Application for Students

In order for employers and students to become participants in the K.W.S. program, several things have to happen.

  • The employer must complete an online application providing information about the organization and the types of students who will be employed.
  • The student must complete an online application providing appropriate related information.
  • The student's application is checked against the University student records database to verify resident status, hours of enrollment, major, and G.P.A.
  • The Office of Student Financial Aid then determines the financial eligibility of the student applicant.
  • When an employer is deemed to be eligible and when there is at least one eligible student who will be employed by that employer, then a contract is issued to the employer.

To participate in the Kansas Career Work-Study Program, employers must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a FEIN (Federal Employee Identification Number)
  • Be a Kansas business using a Kansas bank
  • Be willing to act as the student's employer (students are not employed by our office)

Employers are responsible for interviewing and hiring eligible students.  Before signing a KCWS contract, the employer must employ or be in the process of hiring an eligible student.  Employers may advertise part-time positions for students in Hire Jayhawks.

The amount of the contract is based on the student's hourly wage, the estimated hours per week that the student will work, and the number of weeks that the student will work. Fifty percent of this amount will be reimbursed to the employer; If the estimate is too low, an amendment may be granted if funds are available.

Employers must submit invoices to KCWS at least once a month.  It can take up to four weeks for the reimbursement check to arrive - it is to the employer's benefit to submit invoices in a timely manner.

KCWS Employer Guidelines

Work Study Application for Employers