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As a marketing major, you will prepare to take on a fast-paced, ever-changing field. Jobs in marketing require interpersonal skills, strategy, flexibility and creativity. Because the responsibilities in marketing jobs are so varied, it is important to develop skills in all areas and gain experience to gauge your interests.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Understand social, legal, ethical, and technological forces on marketing decision-making 
  • Appreciate the global nature of marketing and appropriate measures to operate effectively in international settings 
  • Create an integrated marketing communications plan which includes promotional strategies and measures of effectiveness 
  • Communicate the unique marketing mixes and selling propositions for specific product offerings 
  • Construct written sales plans and a professional interactive oral sales presentation 
  • Formulate marketing strategies that incorporate psychological and sociological factors which influence consumers

Popular Career Paths

Sales: Involves recommending products based on customers' needs, answering questions about the products they sell, demonstrating products and processing sales

Brand Management: Entails planning and directing the entire marketing program for a given product or group of products

Marketing Research: Involves providing information businesses need to make sound decisions about the marketing of their products

Retail: Includes sales, buying, distribution, and staff functions such as advertising and marketing research

Advertising: Involves strategic planning and implementation in a highly competitive, fast-paced environment

Jobs to Consider

Account Representative

Customer Services Representative/Manager

Internet Marketing Specialist

Business Development Officer

Marketing Manager

Brand/Product Manager

Market Research Specialist

Purchasing Agent

Consumer Affairs Analyst

Merchandising Manager

Inside Sales Manager

Research Analyst

Retail Manager

Sales Representative

Marketing Assistant

Places to Seek Employment

For-Profit Organizations

Consumer Products Groups

Financial Services Firms

Advertising Firms

Market Research Firms

Consulting Firms

Public Relations Firms

Educational Groups

Government Institutions

Print and Electronic Media Companies

Entertainment Companies

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Government Agencies

Non-Profit Organizations


View specific employers by state.

Employment Strategies

  1. Obtain experience through an internship or other relevant part-time or summer work.
  2. Conduct informational discussions with individuals from industry.
  3. Participate in a job shadowing experience through Jayhawks on the Job or a company visit through a Friday Field Trip. Both are programs coordinated through the BCS.
  4. Attend the Marketing Mixer held each fall and Business Career Fair events each September.
  5. Join the Marketing Club, PRSSA, or other student organizations that will facilitate career exploration.
  6. Seek leadership opportunities on campus.
  7. Engage in professional networking to enhance employment prospects.
  8. Develop skills including: customer focus, problem solving, self-direction, team orientation, analysis, and research.

Job and Internship Search Resources

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