Sport Management

The School of Education & Human Sciences offers a BS in Sport Management, as well as a MSE and a PhD.  Students who complete the degree requirements for Sport Management are qualified to work in management-related positions at the collegiate and professional sports levels. The individual would also be trained to work in companies that manufacture, distribute or sell sporting equipment. The individual would be qualified to seek management positions in commercial, corporate, and private fitness facilities and companies.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of finance, and the economics of sport as they fit into national and international economies 

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate with various public and professional audiences through written texts, oral discussions, and multi-media presentations  

  • Demonstrate skill in the application of the basic principles of interpersonal and mass communications through interaction with internal and external sport publics 

  • Demonstrate essential management and business related skills in the work place 

  • Demonstrate understanding of the critical social, psychological, and philosophical base issues of the sport environment 

  • Demonstrate the ability to assume leadership roles in various professional settings and work effectively with diverse groups and organizations seeking to improve the performance of those they lead 

  • Understand, anticipate and assess emerging trends and initiatives in the sport environment 

Popular Career Paths

Amateur and Professional Sport Management: Involves the management of youth, high school, intercollegiate, Olympic and professional sports

Sales and Merchandising: Includes the manufacturing, distribution and sales of sporting equipment, merchandise and apparel

Facilities Management: Involves the management of commercial, corporate, and private fitness and recreation facilities and companies as well as local city and county parks & recreation departments

Communications/Media: Involves marketing, advertising, and public relations of sports teams and athletes, as well as print and broadcast journalism 

Jobs to Consider

Places to Seek Employment

  • Arenas, Auditoriums, Stadiums
  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Athletic Departments
  • Community Centers
  • Corporate Health Centers
  • Exercise Equipment Manufacturers
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • High Schools and Middle Schools
  • Newspapers, Magazines
  • Olympic Training Centers
  • Sports Teams and Leagues
  • Professional Athletes
  • Fitness/Sports Organizations
  • Radio Stations/Television Stations
  • Recreation Centers
  • Recreational Organizations
  • Recreational Sport Leagues
  • Regional Sport Commissions
  • Sport Associations
  • Sport Camps
  • Sport Clinics
  • Sport Facilities
  • Sport Marketing Firms/Departments
  • Sport-Related Internet Sites
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturers/Stores
  • Youth Sport Organizations

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