Visual Art

The University of Kansas School of the Arts, which is housed under the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a BFA or a BA, as well as a MA in Visual Arts. The degrees are divided into eight specializations which are Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Expanded Media, Metalsmithing/Jewelry, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles, and Visual Art Education. The undergraduate program also includes a Professional Activities Seminar that helps prepare seniors for gallery representation, graduate school application, and alternative career options. If students so choose, they may further their education and work towards a Masters in Fine Arts. Individuals graduating with a degree in art often are self-employed, may have multiple jobs at one time, and often teach at some point in their lives.  

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Understand technologies utilized in the creation, dissemination, documentation, and preservation of works of art 

  • Demonstrate competence with the principles of visual organization, including the ability to work with visual elements in two and three dimensions; color theory and its applications; and drawing 

  • Apply knowledge of the principles of visual organization to conduct formal analysis of artworks 

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of media, technologies and equipment applicable to their area of emphasis. This includes environmentally responsible practice 

  • Identify the major historical achievements in world art, ethical and formal issues, current processes, and directions of their area(s) of emphasis 

  • Integrate skills in studio practice, theory, analysis, media and technology to address a variety of art problems, independently and in collaboration with others 

  • Demonstrate through public exhibition the capability to produce work that embodies a coherent set of artistic and intellectual goals  

Popular Career Paths

Art Education: Involves educating others, including children through senior citizens, on art techniques or history, often in a school, community, or healthcare organization.

Corporate Art: Includes assisting companies with corporate art collections and/or communications.

Entrepreneurship: Allows individuals to utilize their talents in art and business to start their own art-based business or organization.

Professional Artist: Involves using artistic talents to create and sell art for profit.

Freelance Work: Entails utilizing one’s network and resources to contract with individuals, companies, or organizations to complete project-based assignments. 

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Jobs to Consider

Places to Seek Employment

  • Art Studios
  • Art Shops
  • Art Supply Shops
  • Arts Administrator
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Companies (corporate art collections)
  • Digital Facilities
  • Etsy Shop
  • Fashion Houses
  • Film Companies
  • Galleries
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Libraries
  • Local Historical Societies
  • Museums
  • Newspaper/Publishing Houses
  • Open Galleries
  • Photographic Darkroom
  • Private Businesses
  • Public/Private Schools
  • Therapy Centers
  • Universities
  • Urban Planning Firms 

Job and Internship Search Resources

  • American Association of Museums - national job listings board for those interested in working in museums from a professional organization 

  • Americans for the ARTS - job bank with careers in the arts 

  • Creative Hotlist - online search engine geared towards career development in the art fields 

  • Coroflot - online resource for the "creative world at work" featuring job listings board, portfolio advice, groups, and general career advice   

  • National Art Education Association - premier electronic recruitment resource for the profession, includes job listings