YES Tutoring Program

The Youth Educational Services (YES) Program strives to provide high quality tutors and mentors to the k-12 schools of Lawrence Kansas. This program has reached over half of the 21 public schools in Lawrence, and we continue to grow each year. Our staff is comprised of students with a variety of majors, a strong dedication to helping youth, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of each with whom they interact. 
The YES Tutoring Program has been in operation with the University of Kansas for over 20 years. Our program provides jobs to KU students who can work as tutors and mentors to children in local public schools. We provide before, during, and after school services and assist kindergarten through high school students. The YES Program is a great chance for education majors to experience different classroom settings outside their academic program, for non-education majors to get a chance to impact the lives of students, and for schools to receive tutor and mentor assistance free of charge to them. 
The YES Program is funded in part by the Kansas Board of Regents through a House Bill that also funds our Kansas Career Work Study Program (KCWSP). Both programs are designed to provide work to students of The University of Kansas while they are working on their degrees. Similar programs can be seen at other Kansas Board of Regents universities, but the University of Kansas is proud to host two of the larger versions of both the KCWSP and the YES Programs in the state.   

If there are further questions or concerns regarding our program, please feel free to email us at or call 785-864-7681.